Sun. May 9th, 2021

Home interior design trends 2020.

1. The «Bespoke» trend in crowned interior architecture.

Throughout the world, the tailored trend has been extremely popular in the fields of automotive fashion and especially in the field of furniture. High-end clients don’t want their apartments to be like anyone else and they don’t want to use mass-produced furniture purchased in showrooms.

The “Custom Interior” design trend directs customers to “Unique” interior design, which is not wrong and unique to them.

Many homeowners have difficulty finding a sofa of the proper length, a table of the height they are comfortable with, or a bed that is most comfortable for them.

Wearing custom interiors with accents, prints with personal styles is like sewing on a proper outfit which is the latest interior trend today.

2. eco-friendly

The trend of using ecological materials to live in a calm and relaxed environment is increasingly favored for interior decoration.

Using environmentally friendly natural materials is not only safe for users’ health, but also provides a close and soft space.

Natural wood is one of the materials that are very popular today and in which it cannot be without the presence of walnut wood.

With stunning beauty from color to wood grain with perfect quality, high durability, walnut wood has been and is the ideal choice to build a living space for many families.

3. Soft tones inspired by nature.

The trend to wear colors by 2020 is predicted to be colors inspired by nature. Earthy and neutral shades will continue to be the most popular in the near future.

However, soft colors like mustard, powder pink, and various shades of light blue and green will gradually become more common.

Ripe olive green is also considered one of the super luxurious options for space.

4. Combination of natural materials.

By 2020, the use of wood, leather, and stone in the interior will continue to break past design boundaries.

From natural leather, neutral, classic wood, to unique and colorful marble spaces in the expected space, you will find more in interior products with relief designs. Light these materials in bold new ways.

In particular, these materials are of natural origin, not only do they provide a high aesthetic value to each home, but they are also good for the health of the users, which is one of the factors promoted in The current interior design.

5. Minimalist style

As its name implies, the space is designed in a minimalist style, each line, decorative details, furniture and colors are also minimalist in their own way.

Minimalist but not monotonous, boring because every detail in the living space is carefully, little but of quality.

Depending on the needs and preferences, each person will choose an interior design trend that is suitable for homeowners.

The minimalist design style is an excellent choice for small spaces and an ideal choice for those who like simple and modern living spaces.

Above are the latest interior design trends in 2020 with many new and unique advancements that Dong Gia would like to share with you. These new trends will be the premise for you to build ideas for luxurious and classy living spaces.

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