Sun. May 9th, 2021

Chinese and Indian soldiers scrambled, Pangong lake

Vietnam believes that the acts that hinder oil and gas activities in the South China Sea are violations of international law, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said in a press conference in the afternoon of September 12.

“According to the Vietnamese authorities, the Hai Duong 8 geological vessel group continues to seriously violate Vietnam’s sovereignty and sovereignty in the exclusive economic zone and continental shelf,” said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman. Mr. Le Thi Thu Hang said.

Ms. Hang said that Vietnam was firmly against the Hai Duong Geological 8 ship continuing serious acts of violating Vietnam’s sovereignty and jurisdiction in its waters determined in accordance with the regulations. of UNCLOS.

“Vietnam has also expressed its views on the negative impact of violation activities of the Hai Duong Geological Group 8 on the friendly relationship between the two countries, with peace, security and stability in the East Sea and in For these reasons, Vietnam asks China to immediately stop this serious violation, to withdraw all of these ships from Vietnam’s waters, “the spokesman said.

Regarding recent Chinese statements related to Vietnam’s economic activities in its waters, Vietnam affirmed its consistent view that all marine economic activities, including oil and gas activities. implemented in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and continental shelf, completely belonging to Vietnam, determined from the territorial territory in accordance with the provisions of UNCLOS of which both Vietnam and China are members.

According to Ms Hang, UNCLOS is the only legal basis for countries to define their waters. This has been complied with by countries, acknowledged by judicial facts, as well as by the broad agreement of internationally reputable lawyers, no country can claim maritime waters. in the South China Sea region beyond the geographical limits, the content is specified in UNCLOS.

“Illegal, unsuitable claims against UNCLOS cannot be the basis for asserting that disputed or overlapping maritime areas exist. Acts of obstructing Vietnam’s petroleum activities in the waters of I am a violation of international law, a UNCLOS violation, “the spokesman said.

The Hai Duong Geological Survey 8 and Chinese escorts have violated Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone and continental shelf in the South China Sea since early July. A State Department spokesman said Vietnam had many once traded with China, asked the country to withdraw the ship and did not take any action to threaten security and peace in the region.

Many countries such as the US and Japan have voiced their opposition to the actions that increase tensions in the South China Sea. The State Department and the US Department of Defense both issued press releases criticizing China’s intervention in Vietnam’s long-standing oil and gas activities in the South China Sea, undermining regional peace, security and violating international rules.

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