Wed. May 12th, 2021

A statement by Mr. Trump blew away $ 10 billion from Huawei

According to Huawei, the embargo from the US has made it difficult for the company to do business. The Chinese tech giant will likely reduce its smartphone revenue by about $ 10 billion.

The billion-dollar enterprise from China has been hit hard since mid-May, after Washington put Huawei on the blacklist. This prevents US companies, including Google, from buying and selling with China’s largest phone company.

In June, 2019, Huawei CEO Ren said that the US blacklist had a strong impact on the company. Accordingly, the Chinese technology giant may lose $ 30 billion in revenue and there will be no growth in 2019.

“It seems that the effect from the ban is a little less than what the company had expected. However, we will announce the official results in March next year, ”said Eric Xu, Huawei vice president, at a press conference.

Eric Xu said the company’s ability to reduce sales by about $ 10 billion could happen.

According to data from research firm Canalys, Huawei’s smartphone sales in China increased by 31% over the same period in 2018, although the overall market showed signs of slow growth. Meanwhile, Apple’s sales fell 14% in the second quarter, while other competitors such as Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi also faced a similar situation.

“The fact that Huawei is blacklisted in the US may cause instability in the international market, but in China it only helps them speed up. Huawei’s core strategy is to attract users from competitors such as Oppo and Vivo, and open a marketing trend to support new technologies, ”said Mo Jia, an analyst at Canalys.

On July 30, Huawei announced a 23.2% increase in revenue over the same period last year despite facing political troubles.

On August 19, US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross confirmed the temporary license of Huawei, which had a term until August 19, which will be extended until November 19. Mr. Ross also said there are 46 more branches of Huawei added to the “blacklist”.

Huawei has developed its own chip models including Kirin or most recently Ascend 910 to reduce dependence on foreign companies.

In early August, Huawei introduced the Harmony operating system, playing the role of connecting devices, helping to synchronize Huawei’s ecosystem.

With Harmony, Huawei’s future orientation is to create a unique operating system for all hardware devices from smartphones to laptops, wearable devices …

Huawei’s head shared, with the Harmony operating system, all devices can be used. Therefore, Huawei can leave Android anytime Google does not want to cooperate.

Harmony operating system will be available on “smart screen devices” later this year. It is expected that in the next three years, Harmony will be available on all devices from smart watches to self-propelled vehicles.

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