Wed. May 12th, 2021

Chinese billionaire is the one who helps Samsung and Huawei smartphones to capture better

Michael Deng Hui is the founder of ArcSoft, a company specializing in solutions to improve image quality on smartphone cameras.

Images taken from cameras on smartphones have higher and higher quality. Even many pictures look like they were taken from professional camera equipment. According to SCMP, this comes not only from hardware quality but also by software algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI).

In 1994, with his family’s capital and some friends, Michael Deng Hui founded ArcSoft to develop solutions to improve image quality.

ArcSoft is currently a software vendor and intuitive AI algorithm integrated in camera systems on many devices from smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, cars and robots.

In 2004, the company focused on mobile photography with the aim of improving the quality of images taken from cameras on smartphones.

Because of the physical limitations of lenses, major mobile manufacturers are aiming to use software and AI algorithms to minimize the way users take photos on smartphones. Users can take photos, record high-quality videos, and post them right away on social networking sites without much editing.

ArcSoft’s algorithm helps camera systems on smartphones to capture sharper and brighter images at night. It also allows the device to automatically adjust the shutter speed to avoid blurry, blurry images when shooting.

The company is working with a series of big names in mobile villages such as Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo and Xiaomi. Their technology is also used on some live video playback applications with beauty filters.

“Using face recognition technology to catch criminals is a good way. However, I think it will have a bigger role in the future, helping us to develop many beauty tools,” Deng said. said in an interview with Shanghai Securities News.

ArcSoft is also trying to diversify its technology application in cars and home appliances. The company’s system for smart cars, used to prevent theft as well as discover the fatigue of drivers through facial signals.

Currently, Deng has completed his doctorate at the University of Washington and is doing postdoctoral research at Cambridge University. ArcSoft has about 500 employees operating in offices in the US, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Europe.

“People around us ask us to do a lot of things. However, because there are so many ways to develop visual AI, I think we can’t control them all and should only focus on our strengths. “he said.

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