Sat. May 15th, 2021

Top 8 Chinese role-playing games have just been announced in the market

As well as possessing beautiful graphics and bringing a unique gameplay system, these mobile role-playing games are attracting a large number of players in the Chinese market as well as the attention of Vietnamese gamers.

1.Dai Lan Mainland online:

Da Lan is an MMORPG mobile game, produced by MiKu Entertainment Network Limited. The game exploits the Western context with myths about gods, legends and conflicts, fighting between worlds together.

2.Loc Dinh Ky Mobile:

Changyou – the father of Thien Long Bat Bo Mobile has continued to exploit the topic of swordplay Kim Dung to give birth to Loc Dinh Mobile. Loc Dinh Ky is an immersive mobile game, with cute graphic style, detailed and lovely designed characters with bright tones.

The play of Loc Dinh Ky is not too focused on punching, almost players only need to watch the character of martial arts. However, to be able to win the battle, there are many things to do around, upgrade characters through externalities, set up equipment, increase the defensive ability of the character, …

3.The Meditation Teacher:

Hien Vien Thuong Thu Chi Dieu is a mobile game developed by Shanghai Softstar, combining ARPG game genre with extremely attractive anime style strategy game.

The unique world in the game is represented by battles against monsters but vividly animated, eye-catching colors. Players will find a variety of special materials to make armor, equipment and practical items to strengthen themselves and upgrade their bases.

A special feature of this game is the Mujia element – a combat unit supporting the player. Besides, the battle style is complemented by a rear-view shot mode and can control the vehicle’s activities at various stages depending on the level.

4.Sword Linh Lung Mobile:

Sword Linh Lung Mobile exploits the first-class context that combines elements related to Chinese culture to create a world of color shimmering. Linh Lung Sword uses 3D graphics technology to give players true experiences.

Do not divide characters by sect, Sword Linh Lung Mobile brings a diverse system of skills. Besides, the game is full of features, operating from plot tasks, copies, day tasks, weekly tasks until fighting teams, fighting guilds, world boss battles. . Allow players to enjoy unlimited.

5.Lu Liu Li Mobile

Lu Liu Li is one of the puzzle adventure games that deals with a rare topic of swordplay. The game possesses a very beautiful and meticulous 3D graphics platform, the design style is bold and the surrounding landscape is painted very mysterious and mysterious.

The plot of the game is full of romance and love, the game’s operations are also very clear and easy to remember, players can export swords, grasp objects, ride horses; It is still as beautiful as love when you can hold, hold hands, lead beauty and ride horses together

Inheriting the unique features of the previous role-playing role-playing game, The Return of the Condor Heroes 2 possesses massive volume of features. Most focus on interaction and interaction between players. Special guilds are outstanding features throughout all features in this game.

6.Tan Tuyet Ngao Giang Ho:

Tan Tieu Nguu Giang Ho Mobile has a completely new style of graphics, choosing a gentle, aqua-like setting wearing the same anime-style character design, making the game have a blend of ancient features. Made in Japan

Sticking to the plot, Tan Tieu Ngam Giang Ho still has familiar sects such as Thieu Lam, Nga My, Vo Dang, Con Luan, Hoa Son … along with NPC Commanders, Nham Tanh, Doanh Doanh, Dong Phuong Real Damage … The game brings extremely immersive role-playing action, the plow element is still on top.


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